Athletes foot and fungal nail infections

Do you have a fungal infection that needs attention? Do you have Athletes Foot or a Fungal Nail Infection? Look no further, we can help restore your Natural Balance.

There are many fungal infections that can affect the feet and nails. In order to get the right treatment the specific source needs to be identified. An assessment from Natural Balance is the first step to resolving the problem. Atheletes foot is a common fungal infection which grows in moist warm conditions, it can leave the skin red and itchy and spread to the nails causing them to discolour greatly.

Nails will need professional care and attention to restore them back to health as they can become crumbly and fragile, while the foot itself will need to be treated with specialist creams and anticeptics to bring it back to health. Some creams are available over the counter at the chemist but for a full assessment and a personal treatment plan, call Natural Balance as we understand and care for feet – all in the comfort of your own home!

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