Do you suffer from Corns in the Bristol and Bath areas?

Do you have corns and want to know more about what causes them? Here is a bit of information to help you.

Corns are small areas of thickened skin resulting from excessive friction or pressure. When the skin in the foot is under stress it thickens to protect itself. This thickened skin can become hard and when under pressure, particularly over a boney area such as the toe joints or the ball of the foot it presses on the soft skin and nerves causing pain.

Softer corns are just as painful and found in between the toes. As a result, the toes rub together and they remain soft due to excessive moisture.

Sometimes we may develop pain in the sole of our foot. This can be due to seed corns which are small clusters of corns, causing pain when under pressure.

Most corns are causes by ill fitting footwear or abnormal walking. This is a catch 22 situation – when our feet hurt we change the way we walk and create more problems!!


The best way to treat any corn or pain in the foot is to book a visit from Natural Balance. We will create a full assessment to see what the cause is and to have it treated. Natural Balance will remove the thickened skin to relieve the pain and pressure and provide taylor made paddings and supports to offer comfort and support to the area. A full assessment to what is the cause will be explained and advice given. In many instances, it is a problem that will reoccur, especially if it is due to altered walking patterns or boney protrusions. Natural Balance will strive to keep problems at bay with regular check ups and support  to relieve the pain.

Left untreated, Corns can lead to tissue breakdown and more complicated problems including infections, open wounds and ulcers. These are particularly dangerous especially if you suffer from other medical conditions incuding diabetes or poor circulation.

If you suffer from corns or need further advice contact Natural Balance today to see how we can help.