Foot Care Advise for the Elderly and their Carers in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas

As we advance in years and become less mobile, our ability to care for our feet becomes difficult and, therefore, we may be unable to cut our nails and check our feet. Other health complications and mobility issues may add to the difficulty. It may be easy to accept feet problems such as corns, callus, thickened nails and pain as part and parcel of getting old. But it is not, help is at hand and relief on the way. Natural Balance understands and cares for the feet of many elderly patients, keeping them in good healthy shape, relieving pain and prolonging mobility. Don’t accept painful feet as part of getting older. 

Natural balance offers special discounts to the elderly. We visit residential and nursing homes as well as visiting patients in their own home. We provide comfort and dignity to patients and advice to carers, ensuring maximum mobility is achieved and any problems are detected early.

Natural Balance provide a full Neurological and Vascular assessment as standard for our elderly patients. We offer a personal footcare plan as standard, ensuring the patient is receiving the best medical advice and care possible. We also work within the community with carers, nurses and doctors so you can rest assured that any problem will not go undetected.

For foot care advice, please see our guide for the elderly and carers.