Foot Care Checklist for the Elderly and Carers

We are pleased to offer Foot Care Advise for the Elderly and their Carers.  That is why we at Natural Balance, have highlighted a few points to help keep your feet healthy. 

  • Paramount to healthy feet is good hygiene. Washing feet in warm water and with mild soap will improve foot health
  • Nails need to be attended to regularly. Cut nails after bathing if thick or if you have difficulty or they are too thick contact Natural balance to see how we can help
  • Never cut down the side of the nail and never cut too short. Follow the shape of the nail.
  • Due to the fragility of elderly skin, corns and callus should be treated by a professional. Contact Natural Balance for further advice. NEVER USE OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS ON FEET FOR CORN AS THEY MAY HAVE SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS.
  • Cream dry feet to keep them supple.
  • Use talcum powder on moist or sweaty feet to promote health.
  • Natural Balance has a variety of professional creams available to promote and maintain healthy feet.
  • Keep feet warm and avoid hot baths, water bottles and extremes of hot and cold.
  • Wear well-fitting shoes that do not slip off the heels and slippers with a firm sole.
  • Always measure feet when standing up to get a comfortable fit.
  • Wear comfortable socks or hosiery which do not restrict blood flow
  • Should your feet suffer a injury such as a cut or bruise, apply a mild anticeptic cream but do not use adhesive strapping to the area as this can restrict blood flow. Contact Natural Balance for advice.
  • Do not puncture blisters.
  • If a injury is not healing contact your GP or Natural Balance.

Advice For Careers

If a patient cannot check their feet, please follow the above guidelines and check for any sore or problem areas. Check the nails are not too short or long and are not cutting into the skin. Most importantly listen to the patient and if you have any concerns contact Natural Balance or the GP.

Call us for help and advise on 01454 501659 or 07939 200490 or at Southville clinic on 0117 963 2335. We are always happy to help.