Frequently Asked Questions

Feet, Why So Important?

If our feet hurt, not only are we uncomfortable from the pain but they make us miserable, interfere with day to day life and can lead to other problems including knee pain, backache, siatiacia and trapped nerves and muscular strain.

Put simply when our feet hurt we alter our gait (the way we walk) to compensate for and relieve the pain. This has a knock on effect to other parts of the body and can result in sprained ankles, knee pain, hip and back ache, muscular aches and pains and many more aliments. Affecting our well being and natural balance.

When to start caring for feet?
Often it is not until our feet hurt that we give them attention, perhaps putting up with other pains unable to pin point the cause, which can be due to our gait. Regular checks and maintenance are the best ways to ensure our feet stay healthy, promoting our general well being and to detect any underlying problem that may affect our natural balance at a later date. It is never too early or late to get your feet checked.