Toe Nails

There are many conditions that can affect the toenails, too many to list on this site, however here is a list of some common conditions and treatments available from natural balance. Although all conditions can be assessed and treated accordingly.

Ingrown and curled toe nails

Ingrown toenails are nails sharp pieces of nail that press on and eventually pierce the sides of the toe causing a lot of pain and have a high risk of infection if left untreated.  Curled toenails can also cause a lot of pain as they pinch the soft tissues.

Either can be caused by wrong footwear, poor cutting or a natural nail shape, whatever the cause the pain is the same.

When caught in the early stages treatment is very simple, and relief can be felt immediately. Natural Balance will remove the sharp nail edge and file and shape the nail accordingly. Careful monitoring and nail cutting can prevent a reoccurrence and even a natural nail shape can be corrected to relieve the pain.

If left untreated, not only does the pain get worse but treatment takes longer and the risk of infection increases. Natural Balance has a variety of antiseptics that can be used should infection be present. If you suspect your toe is infected, seek medical attention immediately or contact natural balance for advice.

Thickened and discoloured nails 

Nails can become thick  and discoloured for a number of reasons, and can cause pain from pressure and look unsightly making you feel embarrassed. Natural Balance has clinical equipment to file and thin nails to give them a more normal, natural  appearance and relieve pressure  and number of topical treatments to kill off bacteria and protect the nail allowing it to grow healthily. For a assessment and advice on your toenail health Contact Natural Balance for a personal assessment and treatment plan  in the comfort of your home  as each case is different and advice will vary accordingly.

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