Looking for Verrucae treatment in Bristol and Bath?

Do you have a Verrucae that you want treated within the Bristol and Bath area?

A Verrucae is a symptom that presents when a person is suffering from the HPV virus, a very common virus which will affect everyone at some point during their life. They are spread by direct person to person contact or indirectly by surface contact, ie swimming pools gyms etc.

They are commonly known as warts and come in various sizes, types and locations, and can affect just one or both feet. Usually they will disappear on their own but it can take a very long time for this to happen as it is a virus that the immune system has to fight. A verrucae is a symptom not a condition. There are treatments available, however, treatments can take a very long time as it is a virus and the body needs to work to fight it.

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